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2020 Food & Beverage Offerings


Beer, Domestic (Miller Light, MGD, Bud Light, Bud, Coors Light, O’Douls) 5 tickets
Beer, Imported (Harps, Guinness, Smithwicks, Fat Tire, Kronenbourg, Blue Moon, Stella Artois) 6 tickets
Beer, Retro (12 oz cans) (e.g., Hamm’s, Miller High Life, Old Style, Pabst, Schlitz) 5 tickets
Micro Breweries (Mickey Finn’s, Tighthead, Only Child, Buffalo Creek) 6 tickets
Hurricanes 7 tickets
Margarita 7 tickets
Mike’s Hard Lemonade (Lemon and Black Cherry) 5 tickets
White Claw 5 tickets
Wine – House 5 tickets
Slushies (Student Night) $1 (student night)
Soft Drinks 2 tickets/$2 (student night)
Water, Bottled 1 ticket/$1 (student night)


Buffalo wings        6 tickets Jacob Street
Popcorn                                           3 tickets Jacob Street
Hot pretzel, hot pretzel w/cheese        4,5 tickets Jacob Street
Nachos                                                 4 tickets Jacob Street
Egg Roll                                                  4 tickets Jacob Street
Cannoli                                              4 tickets Jacob Street/Taste of Paris
Corned Beef Sandwich                  9 tickets Irish Pub
Filet Mignon Sandwich                           10 tickets Room 102/Café
Pulled Pork Sandwich                              7 tickets Café
Gourmet 5 Cheese Macaroni w/ Bacon   5 tickets Café
Pancakes, Plain or Blueberrry                  8 tickets Jacob Street

Pizza (slice)                                                4 tickets Café
Pizza (whole)                                            20 tickets Café
Large French Fries, Large w/ cheese      4,5 tickets Café
1/3 lb Hamburger, Cheeseburger          5,6 tickets Café
Vienna Beef Hot Dog                                   4 tickets Café
Luke’s Big Beef                                         8 tickets Café
Char Italian Sausage                                 7 tickets Café
Batter Fried Onion Rings                      5 tickets Café
Pastries                                             4 tickets Jacob Street
Frozen Yogurt                                      5 tickets Jacob Street
Nothing Bundt Cakes                             5 tickets 400 hallway