2019 Street Scenes Ad Drive

Carmel is going Digital!

This year we are simplifying the process and students will be asking businesses to buy ads online. While students are still able to visit businesses live, they also may reach out to advertisers via email or phone. Benefits are an easier process for businesses to buy ads, quicker payment, significantly less paperwork for teachers and more revenue for the school.

Students will be given access to a database of businesses that have purchased in the past 3 years so they can better target businesses that are likely to buy an ad.

Download PDF Presentation

The New Ad Drive Process

First Step: Check the Database

Students have a login to our advertiser Shopify database. It contains businesses that have previously purchased ads in 2018. Check database to see if the business you want to contact has bought an ad yet, and find their contact information here.

If it’s a new business, students add the business to the database.

If the advertiser is in the database, add the following to the Customer Note section: 8/21/2018: Jori Curry Contacted, HM 101. The goal is to ensure businesses are not contacted by multiple people.

Decide how you will Contact Them

Students may contact advertisers via phone/email, or visit live.

If students are using Carmel’s email templates, feel free to adjust them as you see fit. For example, if one is emailing an uncle that owns a car dealership, or your life long dentist, the email can customize your email to give it a persona touch.

In any instance, we strongly encourage students to emphasize how easy it is to buy the ad through our online shopping cart instead of filling out the written form and writing a check.

The Advertiser Buys the Ad

The best case scenario is after students contact the advertiser, the advertiser goes online and buys the ad. Students need to keep checking the database to ensure the advertiser actually buy the ad to get credit for the sale. The advertiser has the ultimate discretion on who gets credit.

Once the advertiser buys the ad online, they get an automated email with instructions how to send the Street Scenes staff their artwork. Students will only facilitate getting artwork or copy from advertisers if they choose to pay via check or cash.

Go Back to the Database and Note your Sale

When the advertiser says they are buying the ad, students go back to the database and note that you sold the ad. The format is 8/1/2018: Jori Curry HM 101.

If the advertiser says they are buying the ad online, students need to keep checking the database to ensure they go through with the purchase. If they are paying via check or cash, students will need to go to the shopping cart and “buy” the ad and mark payment check or cash. You will not input any credit card or personal information, only the business information.

Question & Answers

Answer: That is perfectly fine! Use the PDF to the right that you may either email to the advertiser or take to them personally.

Answer: Send them a friendly email or call them, but don’t contact them more than twice. Make a note in the database under the timeline that they did not respond and move on.

Answer: The ultimate decision goes to the advertiser. It’s great that you emailed them, but they may have a daughter, nephew or family friend that they were planning on giving the credit to.

Answer: The faculty and volunteers will figure out the split percentages for you.

Answer: Click on the Add Customer button on the upper right and add information.