Selling Ads

This year we are selling ads online. Our goal is to entice ad buyers to buy the ads online to simplify the process for both students and teachers. Here is your process.

Go to Database

About the Database

  1. We have a database of ad buyers for the past 3 years. Previous years the packages ranged from A to I. You can download the old and new pricing by clicking on the button to the left.
  2. First please go to the database with the login you were provided.
  3. Click on the Customers button on the left column.
  4. Along the top, you will see numbers and letters. The numbers refer to those that bought ad packages in previous years. If you click on “A” you will see those that bought a $2,200 ad previously. In the right column, you will see if they paid for their ad.

How to Sell the Ad

You need to decide how you are going to approach the person you want to sell the ad to. You have 3 choices:

  1. Send them an email using one of our templates.
  2. Call them on the phone.
  3. Visit them in person.

Marking the Database

  1. When you contact someone, click on their record and note the following under Customer Note:
    1. 8/21/2018: Jori Curry Contacted, HM 101″
    2. When they actually BUY the ad, change the word “Contacted” to “Sold.”