Home Sweet Home

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Street Scenes “Home Sweet Home”

In its 47th year, Street Scenes 2021 took on a new look as it was held virtually April 9-15, 2021 on the Street Scenes YouTube channel. Each evening included 60-90 minutes of varying entertainment, along with silent auction opportunities, food and beverage partners, trips down memory lane for school alumni, guest cameos, Lake Zurich and Waukegan shows, and the always popular Student Variety Show, which served as the Grand Finale on the final evening.

Street Scenes 2021 featured more than 40 local bands, all were busy pre-recording their performances at the school since December 2020. The week included different musical content and, in lieu of tickets, refreshments, and the annual casino, those tuning in had opportunities to make a donation in exchange for Street Scenes commemorative swag.

The theme for Street Scenes 2021 was “Home Sweet Home” and served as a thank you to all of the past supporters and entertainers who have tirelessly given their time and energy to support Carmel Catholic High School.

Supporting the Students of Carmel Catholic High School

In its lifetime, Street Scenes has contributed $11.4 million to support academic programs at Carmel Catholic High School. During this COVID-19 crisis, proceeds from this year’s Street Scenes event will help provide resources to assist our students in meeting their educational goals by keeping tuition as low as possible.

Where Did the Idea of Street Scenes Come From? 

Forty-seven years ago, it all started with a group of parent volunteers – our founding families, including the Kasting, Howland, Thompson, and Nemmers families – who looked to help raise money for Carmel High School. At the time in 1974, there were two separate schools – one for the girls and one for the boys – with which came separate fundraisers for each school. The families thought of combining the schools’ fundraisers into one major event. So in 1974, Street Scenes kicked off with two shows for families who wanted to raise money for the school. 

Over the years, Street Scenes flourished and became a mainstay for students, parents, alumni, and community members. This 47th year has brought unique challenges, but has also opened up different opportunities for Street Scenes to reach people from around the world! As we planned this year’s event, we were able to connect with bands from the surrounding area, volunteers, and staff from years past, and we even found new volunteers looking to help make Street Scenes a reality. There is no doubt that Street Scenes has created bonds among people that can only be described as a family. 

Would our founding families have thought that 47 years and $11.4 million dollars later this is where Street Scenes would be? They would be proud to know that their efforts have benefitted Carmel Catholic students in unimaginable ways, providing them with countless resources to support their education and growth at Carmel Catholic.

Share Your Street Scenes Stories

Do you have stories from Street Scenes you would like to share? We would love to hear and share them! Please send your story to Michelle Ptasienski ’92, Director of Street Scenes, at mptasienski@carmelhs.org.

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