Head to the Street Scenes YouTube channel to catch all of our entertainment from Street Scenes 2021.

The Street Scenes 2021 entertainment lineup included…

  • Zydeco Voodoo
  • The Good Time Band
  • JT Acoustic
  • wht.rbbt.obj
  • Jimmy Nick and Don’t Tell Mama
  • Jimmy Carroll Acoustic
  • The Good Time Band
  • Who’s Who
  • Uncle Frank
  • Roger That
  • Tom Margarites
  • Acme Music Band
  • The Rough Cut
  • Rachel Maria Miller
  • Sk8er Boyz
  • Pelvic Brothers
  • Sheryl and Tom Duet
  • Don Adams
  • Mosquito Jam Band
  • Vertically Challenged
  • Ax and the Hatchetmen
  • 3 if by Air
  • Tony Skoronea Acoustic
  • Jim Duncan Acoustic
  • Johnny Norris and Johnny Norris Jr.
  • Midnight Mile
  • Amanda Leigh
  • Mistaken Enemy
  • Nothing Personal
  • Under the Radar
  • Trailer Park Noise
  • “Suzie”
  • Blue Sirens
  • Joey Sunset Project
  • O’Connor and Family
  • Corners of a Circle
  • Gasoline ‘n’ Matches
  • JiMarth
  • Five Acre Flight
  • O’Hare Irish Dancers
  • School of Rock Libertyville Group 1 and 2
  • The Lake Zurich Show
  • The Waukegan Show
  • Carmel Catholic High School’s Student Show, Orchesis Dance Company, Academic Dance, Cadence, Parkway Singers, Marching Corsairs, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, String Ensemble, Graphic Design, and Photography

For more information about Street Scenes entertainment, contact Greg Howland at str.scenesdir.ent@gmail.com.

The Student Show – February 10-12, 2022

We will feature the renowned, cabaret-style Student Show February 10-12, 2022.

“The Street Scenes event has made my Carmel experience exceptional. I love seeing the school’s transformation and I especially love being a part of the elaborate student show. It has provided me with a love for performing and grown my confidence as a person and performer!” – Alyssa DeSalvo ’21