Performers & Casino


Each year in February, Carmel Catholic High School is transformed into a spectacular fun-filled venue featuring featuring more than 50 bands, a casino, improv, theater, a cabaret-style student show, food, and drinks.

Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8 – Street Scenes “Goes Undercover: Secret Agent 2020”, doors open at 6:30 pm; Ages 21+; $30.

Shows run continuously each evening. Each performance lasts 25-45 minutes. For times, check the Varitey – the official guide to Street Scenes that includes a map and show/food/drink information.

Check Out Our Show Rooms

– The Student Show, Auditorium
– Irish Pub, 2nd Street
– Lake Zurich, 3rd Street
– Improv, 3rd Street
– Karaoke, 4th Street
– Waukegan Show, 6th Street
– Cabaret Show, 7th Street
– Magicians, 8th Street

Stop by our photobooth in the Midway on Saturday evening only!

3 if by Air Sat. 9-12am
5 Acre Flight Sat. 9-12am
Ax and the Hatchetmen Fri. 8-10pm
Better Call Paul Fri. 6-9pm
Blindlogic Sat. 9-12am
Blue Canyon Drifters Sat. 6-9pm
Blue Sirens Music Fri. 6-9pm
Bridgeport Ramblers Fri. 9-12am
Chris Calhoun Fri. 6-9:30pm
Cinque Venti Fri. 6-9pm
Corners of a Circle Fri. 9-12am
Dad Strength Sat. 9-12am
Dave Arrigo Acoustic Fri. 5-8pm
Diver Down Sat. 6-7:30pm
DJ – Ben Terrell Fri./Sat. 6-12am
DJ – C (Disco Music) Fri./Sat. 6-12am
Don Adams Sat. 10-12am
Dream Police Fri. 6-7:30pm
Equal Opposites Fri./Sat. 9-12am
Force of Nature Sat. 6-9pm
Green Noise Fri. 6-9pm Sat. 9-12am
Jayleigh Fri. 6-9pm
Jim & Justin Sat. 6-9pm
Jimmy Carroll Acoustic Sat. 6-9pm
Jimmy Nick Sat. 9-12am
Johnny Norris Fri. 10-12am
Kevin Mileski Fri. 6-9pm
Kings for the Weekend Sat. 6-9pm
LarryLixx Sat. 6-9pm
Midnight Mile Fri. 6-9pm
Mike Christensen Fri. 6-9pm
Mistaken Enemy Fri./Sat. 9-12am
Mojo Daddies Fri. 9-12am
Ned Acoustic Sat. 9-12am
O’Connor Sat. 6-9:30pm
O’hare Irish Dancers Fri./Sat. 7:30 & 9:30pm
OTR Band Fri. 6-9pm
Over Your Shoulder Fri. 9-12am Sat. 6:30-8:30pm
Passion and Fury Fri. 9-12am
petRock Sat. 10:30-1am
Rachel Marie Miller Fri. 6-9pm
Roger That Fri. 9-12am
School of Rock Libertyville Sat. 5-8pm
Sherie and Tom Duet Sat. 6-9pm
Simply Elton Fri. 9-12am
Six Speed Tranny Fri./Sat. 9-12am
Sneezy Sat. 6-9pm
Suzy Fri./Sat. 6-9pm
Tap Room All-Stars Sat. 9-12am
The Good Times Band Fri. 9-12am Sat. 6-9pm
The Peter Brush Band Fri./Sat. 6-9pm
Tony Skaronea Fri. 6-9pm
Total Recall Sat. 6-12am
Vertically Challenged Fri./Sat. 9-12am
Who’s Who Sat. 8-10pm
Wind out of the South Fri./Sat. 6-9pm
Winnie Cooper Fri. 9-12am
Zydeco Voodoo Fri. 10:30-1am

Previews of Previous Bands Performing at Street Scenes

Apply to Perform at 2020 Street Scenes