We Need You!

Each year, hundreds of Carmel Catholic volunteers transform the school into a spectacular fun-filled venue. Street Scenes will take on a new look this year as it is held virtually in April 2021. In its lifetime, Street Scenes has contributed $11.4 million to support academic programs at Carmel Catholic. During this COVID-19 crisis, proceeds from this year’s Street Scenes event will help provide resources to assist our students in meeting their educational goals through keeping tuition as low as possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for this fantastic community event, please contact Michelle Ptasienski at mptasienski@carmelhs.org.

Thank You to our Board, Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

2020-2021 Carmel Catholic High School Board of Corporators

Sr. Karen Conover, BVM

Sr. Kate Hendel, BVM

Rev. Carl Markelz, O.Carm.

Sr. Teri Hadro, BVM

Rev. Robert Colaresi, O.Carm.

Br. Daryl Moresco, O.Carm.

2020-2021 Carmel Catholic High School Board of Directors

Charles Bartels

Kenya Jackson

Hon. Mary Schostok

Rich Caffarelli, Chair

Marisue Lacher, Secretary

Rev. Jeffery Smialek, O.Carm.

Ric Elert, Vice Chair

Donna Lobaito ’81

Sr. Carol Spiegel, BVM

Jerrold Fox

Roberta McQuade

Brad Bonham (ex-officio)

Sr. Margaret Geraghty, BVM

Br. Thomas Murphy, O.Carm.

Jason Huther (ex-officio)

Julie Goodman ‘85

Hillary O’Toole ‘11

John Sheehy (ex-officio)

Rev. Gregory Houck, O.Carm.

Chris Salvi ‘08

Brian Stith ‘01 (ex-officio)

2020-2021 Carmel Catholic High School Faculty/Staff

We wish to thank the ENTIRE Carmel Catholic High School Faculty and Staff, with special thanks to the following:

Brad Bonham

Ken Kordick

Jeff Ptacek

Laura Budris ‘90

Caitlin Lees

Michelle Ptasienski ‘92

Courtney Ciampi

Mike Looby ‘75

Denise Spokas

Eric Franklin

Sarah O’Donnell

Milena Stanimirova

Jason Huther

Lois Poulos

Brian Stith ‘01

2021 Street Scenes Directors

Michelle Ptasienski ‘92, Director

John Hefferan

Bob & Briar Knudson

Jeff Ptacek, Faculty Director

Dick Hegerle

Chuck Murphy, Knights of Columbus

Lamont Barrientos

Don & Maureen Hull

Carrie Ogurek ‘98

Gina Borkowski

Greg Howland ‘84

Charlie Payette

Andy Chiero ‘82

Dick Jacob

Chris Ramos

Steve Fremgen

Paul Kaufman

John Rizzo

Gary Gunther

Dan Kerkman

2021 Street Scenes Volunteers

Nora Arrovo

Matt Kasting ‘83

Waly Lowry

Paul Arroyo

Aissa Kalter

Jay Lynn

Jet & Tom Collette

Abigail Kaufman

Frank Ogrinc

Tom & Cecil Curley

Holly Kim

Tracy Winzentsen ‘88

Amber Fier

Vern Lappe